Join us for conversations in which we seek to give voice to women living into their God-given callings and serving as redeeming influences in the academy and beyond.

By Helen Lee and Ann Boyd

Join us for this conversation with author Helen Lee as we talk about ways we can cultivate safe environments that support families and church communities leaning into discussions about race

By Christina Barland Edmondson and Ann Boyd

Join us for this conversation with author and educator Christina Edmondson as we discuss the work of fighting racism in academic contexts and the tools needed for this important task.

By Stephanie Bent, Karen Hice Guzmán, Melodie Marske, Lisa Sung and Kaitlyn Schiess

Listen in on a remarkable roundtable conversation where we hear four thoughtful, faithful women respond to questions about living a full Christian life as a single woman.

By Holly Oxhandler and Ann Boyd

Join us for this conversation with author and professor Holly Oxhandler as we discuss the image of God in each of us, its importance for our own flourishing, and the tools we can harness to learn more about it.

By Susan Maros and Ann Boyd

Join us for this conversation with author and professor Susan Maros as we discuss the process of discerning God's calling and the ways our unique contexts inform that journey.

By Catherine McNiel and Ann Boyd

Join us for this conversation with writer and theology student Catherine McNiel as we discuss the call to love our neighbor, what that call looks like in the world of academia, and the grace we need to get there.

By Suzanne Stabile and Ann Boyd

What spiritual practices can help develop your resilience in challenging situations? Join us for this conversation with Enneagram teacher Suzanne Stabile as we discuss our individual responses to stress, the benefits of self-understanding, and the opportunities for growth that can be found all around us.

By Tish Harrison Warren and Ann Boyd

Where is the Spirit of God active in your life? Join us for this conversation with Anglican priest and author Tish Harrison Warren as we discuss pandemic life, spiritual redemption, and God’s constant presence.

By Kendall Vanderslice and Ann Boyd

How can the simple act of eating together draw us more fully into relationship with God and community? Join us for this conversation with baker and writer Kendall Vanderslice as we discuss table fellowship, vocational discernment, and the joy of food.