Join us for conversations in which we seek to give voice to women living into their God-given callings and serving as redeeming influences in the academy and beyond.

By Ann Boyd

In our third episode of short, manageable Advent reflections, we focus on staying present and aware of God with us, right now.

By Ann Boyd

Join us for a practice of short, manageable reflections together this Advent. In our first episode, we take some time to look back over the past few months.

By Bette Dickinson and Ann Boyd

Bette Dickinson talks with us about observing Advent when schedules are full, the spiritual power of art, and the joy of embracing our human limits.

By Janice McWilliams and Ann Boyd

Janice McWilliams talks with us about sustainable self-care, cultivating restorative practices for our mental health, and looking to Jesus as an example of a life well-lived.

By Sheila Wise Rowe and Ann Boyd

Sheila Wise Rowe talks with us about the importance of mental health, the unlikely pairing of lament and celebration, and the complexities of growing up gifted and Black.

By Kat Armas and Ann Boyd

Kat Armas chats with us about the navigating seminary, grieving over research, and discovering wisdom in unexpected places.