Join us for conversations in which we seek to give voice to women living into their God-given callings and serving as redeeming influences in the academy and beyond.

By Kimberly Hill and Karen Hice Guzmán

Listen in on our conversation with historian Kimberly Hill in which we talk about her studies around African American missionary work and Black internationalism.

By Aubrey Kleinfeld and Caroline Triscik

Listen in on our interview with Aubrey Kleinfeld, licensed professional counselor at a university counseling center, as we discuss the mental health needs of students and faculty in an unusual new semester.

By Twanda Prioleau and Caroline Triscik

Listen in on our interview with Rev. Twanda Prioleau, pastor and teacher in Baltimore, Maryland, as we discuss habits of caring for one's own soul through the hard work of fighting injustice.

By Jamie Ong, Caroline Triscik and Jasmine Obeyesekere Fernando

Listen in on our interview with Jamie Ong, environmental protection manager for NYC parks, as we discuss nature, faith, family, and enduring Covid-19.