By Heather Walker Peterson

Heather Walker Peterson explores the tension of living amidst both the secular and the sacred at this time of year.

By Anne Pharr

English professor Anne Pharr shares what she’s learned through her experience teaching community college students.

By Anna Plantinga
"Is academia a frivolous waste of time when we could be telling people about Jesus, or is there a deeper significance to a life of learning? And if learning is worthwhile on an eternal scale, are some questions more worthy than others?" Anna Plantinga reflects on these important questions.
By Anna Moseley Gissing

Anna Moseley Gissing considers the complicated emotional landscape that comes along with grading.

What kinds of policies are helpful when encountering students who wish to have their grades changed?

By Christine Jeske

In my first week teaching, I printed my syllabi four times. The first time I mistyped dates (despite all my careful checking), the second time I mistyped dates again, and on the third attempt I set the copier to single instead of double sided copies...