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Dear Mentor: My colleague treats me like his secretary

Dear Mentor, Imagine that you are a young female professional who occasionally (or maybe not so occasionally) is instructed by a (non-... more

Dear Mentor: Should I give up on dating?

Dear Mentor, I have a master's degree and am now enrolled in a PhD and another master's degree. I love what I do! I love how my work helps... more

Dear Mentor: Alcohol in grad school?

Dear Mentor,  I am a new graduate student who would like to foster friendships with some of my fellow graduate students, but it seems like... more

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The Syrian Refugee Crisis: Considering a Christian Response

Syrian refugees and migrants, mostly from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, pass through Slovenia on their way to Germany, 23 October 2015. Photo: Robert Cotič via... more

The Perfect Boss

One of the phrases my children love to fling at each other when one tries to tell the other what to do is, “You aren’t the boss of me!” They will grudgingly admit that I am... more


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Refreshing Wisdom in the Midst of Political Turmoil

No matter what your political leanings, it’s a complicated time in the United States. There’s no debating the fact that roughly half (or more) of the country will be sorely disappointed when they awake on the morning of November 9... more

What I Love About My Single Life

In March, my second cousin, Sue, passed away unexpectedly. I knew her as a spunky, funny, adventurous woman, but I was unprepared for the number of people who attended her memorial service. Though there were well over 200 guests... more

The God of the U-Turn: Finding Life Outside of the Academy

I was 12 when I discovered how much I loved diagramming sentences. I’d fill cheap spiral notebooks with stories and journals with attempts at poetry. I read by the light of the headlights behind us on road trips... more

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