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Dear Mentor: Should I give up on dating?

Dear Mentor, I have a master's degree and am now enrolled in a PhD and another master's degree. I love what I do! I love how my work helps... more

Dear Mentor: Alcohol in grad school?

Dear Mentor,  I am a new graduate student who would like to foster friendships with some of my fellow graduate students, but it seems like... more

Dear Mentor: Abusive Advisor?

Dear Mentor, I’m a science PhD student and I'm near the end of my degree and should, God willing, be defending in a few months. My advisor,... more

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In Focus

Fight, Flight, or Flourish?

“ABD.” When we hear this acronym, most people either cheer or cringe. If you recently passed your qualifying exams, “All But Dissertation” is a celebratory milestone. And if... more
Spiritual Formation

Flourishing, not Fear: Why Aren't We Flourishing? (Part I)

I am a Christian academic and pastor. I have taught hundreds of students, planted two churches, spiritually directed and mentored leaders, created new programs, spoken all... more


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It’s Not All About Me

I’m realizing that my life may not be all about me. And that is a hard, hard truth to swallow... more

Grading Angst

It’s that time of year again: grading time. Are you one of those people discovering all of the scintillating articles online you missed during the semester? Or are you searching out and posting the best new memes about grading misery? more

What Would Jesus Do About Mean Girls?

I have a vivid memory of a popular 8th grade girl chasing me into the bathroom after I had done something (I don’t remember what) to offend her during gym class. That memory of me cowering in a locked stall... more

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