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Dear Mentor: Lonely as an Academic in Church?

Dear Mentor, How do women in academia connect with fellow believers, specifically other women, who may not understand or even affirm their work... more

Dear Mentor: Advice about travel opportunities?

Dear Mentor, I am an assistant professor and have two small children. I see some opportunities to travel in the year ahead — regional and... more

Dear Mentor: How do you deal with the stresses of the academy?

Dear Mentor, Whether publishing deadlines, criticism from colleagues, funding cuts, or something else, each of us feels pressure in the academy... more

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In Focus

Work in Progress: Finding the Shape of my Vocation

If I took snapshots from the last five years or so of my career, they would look very different. In 2008, I might be introducing a chef who cooked medieval food to the... more
Spiritual Formation

Keeping Sabbath

One of my earliest memories is hiding in church.My best friend, Megan, who happened to be the pastor’s daughter, and I didn’t want to part from each other after the worship... more


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Rules of Engagement: Social Media and the Gay Marriage Decision

Tish Harrison Warren calls us to to listen well and to excercise humility and restraint on social media in these days. more

Revolution of Love

I’ve been thinking almost non-stop about the shootings last week in Charleston. And, as I mentioned last week, I had to preach at my church yesterday as well. It’s been a profound burden for many... more

Tidying Up

In the middle of a walk with my friend Jackie, I ran into The University Bookstore to pick up a copy of the NYT bestseller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up — the irony being that Jackie is one of those women... more

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