dear mentor

Dear Mentor: Finding Time for Friendships?

Dear Mentor,  I recently began a faculty position in a new community. My time is filled with new class prep, writing commitments, and setting up... more

Dear Mentor: Is this all there is?

I love Bronwyn’s writing and her work has appeared at The Well before. When I saw this “Dear Bronwyn” question and her response here on her blog... more

Dear Mentor: Overcome by tears?

Dear Mentor, I gave a talk this past week to a group of people in my field — including a visiting leading expert. There were questions afterward... more

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Spiritual Formation

Developing the Discipline of Gratitude

“Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.”... more
In Focus

Loving the Academic Life

The day is cool and overcast, and I am out walking along Grapevine Road, the road right outside our school, with six upperclassmen on a lab. We are identifying plants in the... more


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Weeding and Reflecting

Bent over in the backyard in my faded blue jeans with the too-long, fraying leg bottoms, I pull on a weedy vine. My soft old t-shirt is decorated with a border of Union Jacks framing Churchill’s bulldog stare... more

Holding All of It Together

I had just spent the day with a colleague evaluating and planning for ministry at a college campus in Indiana — a campus that in the last year had seen many lives transformed by Christ, including the president of the campus... more

A Life Repurposed

“You won’t want to get a PhD anymore after you’re married. It will be enough to have a husband.” Our pastor’s words during a premarital counseling session have been seared in my memory for the last twelve years... more