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Dear Mentor: My colleague treats me like his secretary

Dear Mentor, Imagine that you are a young female professional who occasionally (or maybe not so occasionally) is instructed by a (non-... more

Dear Mentor: Should I give up on dating?

Dear Mentor, I have a master's degree and am now enrolled in a PhD and another master's degree. I love what I do! I love how my work helps... more

Dear Mentor: Alcohol in grad school?

Dear Mentor,  I am a new graduate student who would like to foster friendships with some of my fellow graduate students, but it seems like... more

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Spiritual Formation

To Those Who Are Studying

“Even though we speak in this way, beloved, in you we feel sure of better things that belong to salvation. For God is not unjust to forget your work and the love that you... more
Spiritual Formation

A Scholar’s Prayer

Photos credit: Dieterich  more


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The God of the U-Turn: Finding Life Outside of the Academy

I was 12 when I discovered how much I loved diagramming sentences. I’d fill cheap spiral notebooks with stories and journals with attempts at poetry. I read by the light of the headlights behind us on road trips... more

A Scientist Looks at Imposter Syndrome

“You could be doing more, should be doing better, and really, what does that recent failed experiment say about you as a scientist?” That nagging little voice is colloquially known as imposter syndrome... more

Pitching My Work, Pitching Myself

I watched the older woman across the pub where my Master of Fine Arts cohort was gathering for a meet-and-greet. We were there to get to know each other and chat about our creative nonfiction writing projects. This writer had arrived... more

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