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Dear Mentor: Should I take my child to the conference?

Dear Mentor,  I’m a post-doc scientist with a nursing infant. I travel several times a year to national academic conferences in my field... more

Dear Mentor: How do professors prepare for a new school year?

Dear Mentor, As a professor, what practices do you have to help you get ready for the new school year? Are there things you do to wrap up the... more

Dear Mentor: Lonely as an Academic in Church?

Dear Mentor, How do women in academia connect with fellow believers, specifically other women, who may not understand or even affirm their work... more

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Survival Tips for the Spouses of Grad Students

My husband and I had three graduate degrees between us at the time we walked down the aisle. Within six months of getting married, a fourth had begun. With that, we said... more

Dating Lessons: Leave the Boxes Behind

A few months ago, I felt a nudging from the Lord to be more “open” in my life — to stop with the judgments of myself and of others and to be open to the possibilities that he... more


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The Humble Professor: An Endangered Species?

In my first week teaching, I printed my syllabi four times. The first time I mistyped dates (despite all my careful checking), the second time I mistyped dates again, and on the third attempt I set the copier to single instead of double sided copies... more

Leading Women: Embracing Leadership

“How many of you are leaders?” I asked, looking out at a sea of female faces in my seminar. I knew that every one of them was a leader, given the roles they held and the authority they had been given. And yet...only a few hands were raised... more

Fighting the Fear: Because Now It’s for Real

This past summer, after taking five months off to be with my newborn, I went back to work. My department chair was, I think, trying to do me a solid, and he assigned me to teach two online classes. This made my days completely flexible... more

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