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Dear Mentor: Overcome by tears?

Dear Mentor, I gave a talk this past week to a group of people in my field — including a visiting leading expert. There were questions afterward... more

Dear Mentor: Seminary with Kids?

Dear Mentor, I am a mom of two — a two year old and a newborn — who is interested in pursuing an online master's degree. (Online because the... more

Dear Mentor: Living with Parents?

Dear Mentor, Last spring I graduated with my master's degree.  Because of school loans and poor job prospects, I am working and living at... more

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Holly Ordway: Literary Apologist

Holly, you came to Christianity in your 30s.  You had an awareness that something was not right in your life.  Did your understanding of sin or of your own... more
In Focus

In Focus: Call Waiting

My husband Ron and I spent about ten years experimenting with unconventional work/family arrangements. For the first few years after graduate school, Ron was the primary... more


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Gospel Joy

Far north off England’s east coast, near Scotland, is Holy Island, known as “Lindisfarne” at first millennium’s close. Its vibrant monastery could only be reached from the mainland at low tide, by a path of mud and sand flats . . . more

Praying When Words Are Hard to Come By

This year I celebrated my fifth anniversary with InterVarsity. Depending on the day, I either want to have a high-energy dance party . . . more

Amazing Gray-ce

Stranded high on a cracking vinyl cushion, I tried not to blink, eyes filling with regret. I’d picked the pixie cut after browsing waiting-room Glamour magazines, but watching six inches of my dark locks lopped off . . . more

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