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Dear Mentor: Abusive Advisor?

Dear Mentor, I’m a science PhD student and I'm near the end of my degree and should, God willing, be defending in a few months. My advisor,... more

Dear Mentor: Changing grades?

Dear Mentor, It's almost time to turn in grades for the semester! When if ever do you change a grade? How do you handle... more

Dear Mentor: Advice for holiday priorities?

Dear Mentor,I am feeling overwhelmed by my academic life and the tasks of the upcoming holiday season. I have a full amount of academic... more

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In Focus

How I Became Post-Ac, and How God Loves Me Anyway

Thirteen years ago, I was sitting with my advisor and a group of his other students at his house, drinking tea and discussing a peer-reviewed article, both activities his... more
In Focus

On Returning the First Essays of the Semester: Standing Firm in Love

I will praise the Lord, who counsels me; even at night my heart instructs me. (Psalm 16:7) more


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Avoiding the Drive-Thru: Accepting God's Invitation to Lunch

I love going on road trips with friends. You learn a lot about your friends when you’re in the car with them for hours at a time. I have learned that Jill should never be given more than one Biggie Iced Tea during a trip, if you don’t want... more

My Uneasy Relationship with Leadership

For years, I rejected my call to be a leader. Or at least, I rejected embracing the identity of being a leader by calling everything I did that looked “leaderly” something else... more

The Gift of Mortality

When I was fifteen, a blood test revealed that I was a carrier for the disease that had killed my father less than a year earlier. Two years later, my grandfather died of the same disease. I have lived with a subconscious sense of urgency ever since... more

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