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Dear Mentor: Advice for the Single Life

Dear Mentor,I see a lot of writing at The Well about balancing life with family and children, but I am single. This isn’t my choice, but it is where... more

Dear Mentor: How do professors prepare for a new school year?

Dear Mentor, As a professor, what practices do you have to help you get ready for the new school year? Are there things you do to wrap up the... more

Dear Mentor: Lonely as an Academic in Church?

Dear Mentor, How do women in academia connect with fellow believers, specifically other women, who may not understand or even affirm their work... more

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Dear Mentor

Dear Mentor: Advice for the Single Life

From Kelly Monroe Kullberg I was single for 43 years, hence the indelible memory. The question of singleness posed by this good woman, whoever you are, who dares to... more

Reflection: Why I Teach

My father, who is 87 and still actively teaching Chinese brush painting, tells his students, “I am a gardener and my garden is the classroom. I cultivate the garden so that... more


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Busy is the way it is

One week before my family ended a ten-month stay in South Africa, I had a dream. In the dream, an old white-haired woman looked me in the eye and said... more

Happy New (School) Year! Resolutions Instead of Big Fat Mental Whining

There is an old education cartoon where a woman is standing in front of a body huddled under the bedcovers, just its toes peeking out, saying, “I know the kids don't like you and they pick on you, but you have to go to school... more

Fighting the Fear: Towards Stopping Freaking Out

A few years ago I had to decide whether or not to be tested for a genetic disorder, a choice that for me came down to whether or not I would live in fear. I remember putting it to an agnostic friend that way as I parsed through the decision... more

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