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Dear Mentor: Should I take on a large debt for grad school?

Dear Mentor, I’ve been accepted into a prestigious graduate program to study public policy (my passion!), but I am concerned about all the... more

Dear Mentor: Overcome by tears?

Dear Mentor, I gave a talk this past week to a group of people in my field — including a visiting leading expert. There were questions afterward... more

Dear Mentor: Seminary with Kids?

Dear Mentor, I am a mom of two — a two year old and a newborn — who is interested in pursuing an online master's degree. (Online because the... more

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Clearing the Way: Six Questions for Setting Goals

I’ve actually been productive on this rainy, unseasonably cold Friday in June. On most days like this — especially when they’re incongruous for the season — I let myself... more


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Ebola. The headlines began with updates on the spread of the virus in Liberia, Sierre Leone, and Guinea, then the report of an American doctor and nurse falling ill and their arrival on US soil, Liberia has now declared a state of emergency . . . more

A Life of Prayer Amidst News of Death

In the face of tragic news reports, particularly out of Iraq, Tish Harrison Warren laments the inability to respond and confesses our deep need for prayer. more

Gospel Joy

Far north off England’s east coast, near Scotland, is Holy Island, known as “Lindisfarne” at first millennium’s close. Its vibrant monastery could only be reached from the mainland at low tide, by a path of mud and sand flats . . . more