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Dear Mentor: Commuter Marriage?

Dear Mentor, I have been offered a teaching position at a college in a small town that would involve commuting a plane ride away. If I take the... more

Dear Mentor: Setting Office Hours?

Dear Mentor, I'm an assistant professor and wondering if anyone could help me with setting office hours.  I'm starting to think that... more

Dear Mentor: Job search while pregnant?

Dear Mentor, I am finishing up my doctorate and just found out that I am pregnant. Should I continue applying for academic jobs, even though I... more

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Promiscuous Reading

Books should be “promiscuously read.”   more
Spiritual Formation

Tending Your Relationship with God through Spiritual Direction

A few Sundays ago, while away from home and visiting friends, I attended a church where the pastor encouraged us to have a “DTR” with Jesus. Comparing us to young couples on... more


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Holy, Ordinary Saturday

I’m always caught off guard by how tragedy is inevitably invaded by the ordinary. Soon after we were married my husband and I were in a serious accident that left the friend riding with us severely injured . . .  more

Come Along

The Lenten season has been odd without Facebook. I've checked on you all periodically, occasionally liking or Happy Birthday-ing, but I miss you. However, I've spent less time thinking, "Now what is a humorous way to say that on Facebook?" so that's probably a good thing . . . more

The Lesson of the Tree

Often I find myself sitting across from a student in my office as the conversation moves from gerunds and infinitives, deadlines and revisions, applications and careers, to family difficulties and personal worries. I pray a lot then. If a student’s stress . . .  more