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Dear Mentor: Help Making Friends?

Dear Mentor,  I recently began a faculty position in a new community. My time is filled with new class prep, writing commitments, and setting up... more

Dear Mentor: Is this all there is?

I love Bronwyn’s writing and her work has appeared at The Well before. When I saw this “Dear Bronwyn” question and her response here on her blog... more

Dear Mentor: Overcome by tears?

Dear Mentor, I gave a talk this past week to a group of people in my field — including a visiting leading expert. There were questions afterward... more

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How Divisions Are Killing Us and Why We Should Care

American churches are increasing in ethnic, cultural and theological homogeneity despite the fact that America is becoming increasingly diverse. Indeed, sociologists Michael... more

The Little Way

For someone with a significance/achievement addiction, it’s hard to work in campus ministry. The vast majority of my peers have high-powered, respected jobs that pay quite... more


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Even Still, Fear Not

I am a mother who catastrophizes. I walk into a room and, without conscious effort, notice five ways that my busy one-year-old could injure herself in it. My daughter gets a cough, and I imagine... more

Praying for My Students

Worry and love fuel my prayers for each student. I pray, from my first years of teaching at The University of Georgia during grad school through my many years of teaching here at Shorter, that every class will become a learning community... more

Keeping Priorities

Keynote speaker Rosalind Picard overheard an interaction between her husband and his younger sister and shared it with the Flourish: Atlanta audience. Asked to fix a flat on her bike, he replied, “It might be good to pretend... more