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Dear Mentor: Is there time for Advent?

Dear Mentor, I have always loved observing Advent, but this year I am in grad school and overwhelmed by coursework, research, and all the... more

Dear Mentor: Finding Time for Friendships?

Dear Mentor,  I recently began a faculty position in a new community. My time is filled with new class prep, writing commitments, and setting up... more

Dear Mentor: Is this all there is?

I love Bronwyn’s writing and her work has appeared at The Well before. When I saw this “Dear Bronwyn” question and her response here on her blog... more

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The Overshadowed Scholar

When I composed and performed “The Annunciation” for a gathering of Christian women scholars in 2007, I had hoped to voice the struggle of academic labor and loss and depict... more
In Focus

The Problem of Christmas

The other night on the way home from my evening course, I was surfing the radio stations for something Christmassy and happened upon that most beloved of holiday traditions... more


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Mary and Christmas Mystery

New life is always messy. And it can seem alien at first. Add to that realities like fluctuating hormones and the transition can be hard. When I was pregnant, I tried everything, including eating saltines... more

Advent: The Practice of Waiting

During Advent 2009, I was “great with child.” In fact, when we introduced our newborn daughter to our toddler son in early January, he mistook her for the baby Jesus. Pregnancy reminds me of Advent... more

Thanksgiving Grace

During this season, we give thanks for our blessings. Well, we do if we can find the time and peace of mind to do that when papers must be graded, studying done, or work projects finished while steam rises from bubbling pots... more