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Dear Mentor: How do you view the new year?

Dear Mentor, Do you make New Year's resolutions? How do you view the New Year? Do you celebrate New Year's Eve in any special way?  ... more

Dear Mentor: To bake or not to bake?

Dear Mentor, I read an article giving advice to junior faculty women that said the following: "You don’t gain respect for your scholarship, or... more

Dear Mentor: My colleague treats me like his secretary

Dear Mentor, Imagine that you are a young female professional who occasionally (or maybe not so occasionally) is instructed by a (non-... more

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In Focus

Out of the Tunnel: Avoid the Summer Funk

Sometimes in academia I have tunnel vision. I get grant proposals turned in and dissertation chapters written, but there’s not much room for coffee dates with friends or... more


At long last I have earned my doctoral degree. As I walked onto the stage in my fancy velvet striped robes, I received the symbol of that accomplishment, a colorful hood that... more


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Stories from the Road: An Urban Commuter Campus

As another academic year nears its end, I am grateful for the many wonderful faculty men and women who serve college students both inside and outside of the classroom day after day... more

Chasing and Letting Go

As is often the case, God asked me for obedience without providing me any guarantees. “Just write,” he told me about five years ago. I was a new mom, recently returned from a stint overseas and recovering from severe burnout.... more

An Open Letter to Men Who Broke the Billy Graham Rule

To the men who have met with me one-on-one: In light of the Vice- President’s revelation that he does not share meals with women (besides his wife) one-on-one and the widespread discussion... more

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