Spiritual Formation

Spiritual Formation includes Bible study guides, instructions for spiritual practices, and descriptions of experience with spiritual practices as guides in growing a vibrant faith in Christ in the midst of academic and professional life.
MaryKate Morse

Iulia de Beausobre's response to torture under Stalin's regime models God's gift of love.

MaryKate Morse

MaryKate Morse proposes a spiritual discipline to prevent fear from sabotaging our ability to flourish.

MaryKate Morse

MaryKate Morse introduces her series by asking why we often feel more stuck than free.

Sally Ivaska

Worship music, Scripture readings, and meditations make the Pray-as-you-go podcasts rich devotional material.

Sharon Gartland

Sharon Gartland guides us in the ancient practice of Lectio Divina to use in our advent Scripture readings.

Christy Moran Craft

As Christy Moran prepares for a day on campus, she offers a prayer of surrender and shares it with The Well.

The psalms of David can be deeply reassuring in difficult times as they reflect the depth of his fear and the depth of his trust in God.

In the face of profound fear, find the even greater refuge that can be found in God.

Visual images can illuminate concepts. Nowhere is that more true than in this passage. Isaiah paints two pictures of fear and how God responds to each.

When afraid, we all lean on someone or something to get us through. The question is, how reliable is that source of comfort and strength?