Ann Boyd

Ann is the Women Scholars and Professionals Podcast host and the managing editor for The Well. She has worked for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship since 1997, exploring her interests in community, spiritual formation, and writing. Ann has a BM in Music Education from Northwestern University and lives in Chicago, Illinois with one husband, two spunky teenage daughters, and two snuggly cats. You’ll often find Ann baking sweet treats in the kitchen while listening to a podcast or audiobook.

Contributions by Ann Boyd
By Kaitlyn Schiess and Ann Boyd

Author and scholar Kaitlyn Schiess talks with us about political theology in American history and how learning about it can impact our own faithful engagement with politics today. 

By Carmen Joy Imes and Ann Boyd

Author and professor Carmen Joy Imes talks with us about theology's impact on our daily lives, the unique dignity of humanity, and the ways we can honor God's image in each of us.

By Danielle Treweek and Ann Boyd

Theological researcher Rev. Dr. Dani Treweek talks with us about the understanding of singleness throughout history, the questions that face us today, and how we might think differently about relationships and the church.

By Aundi Kolber and Ann Boyd

Therapist Aundi Kolber returns to talk with us about cultivating inner strength, paying attention to our needs, and ways to stay grounded in God's love.

By Nijay K. Gupta and Ann Boyd

New Testament professor Nijay Gupta talks with us about women leaders in the early church, the context and culture of these first-century Christians, and what we can learn from these women today.

By Love Lazarus Sechrest and Ann Boyd

Womanist biblical scholar Love Sechrest sits down with us to talk about reading Scripture with a disciplined exploration of culture, both in ancient times and today.

By Kendall Vanderslice and Ann Boyd

Baker and theologian Kendall Vanderslice chats with us about the struggles of disordered eating, the search for vocation, her experience as a single woman, and God's presence through it all as we discuss her new memoir.

By Bonnie Smith Whitehouse and Ann Boyd

Bonnie Smith Whitehouse talks with us about her professional calling into academia, the wonder of God's created world, and creative habits for spiritual reflection from her new book.

By Ann Boyd

In our third episode of short, manageable Advent reflections, we focus on staying present and aware of God with us, right now.

By Ann Boyd

Join us for a practice of short, manageable reflections together this Advent. In our first episode, we take some time to look back over the past few months.

By Bette Dickinson and Ann Boyd

Bette Dickinson talks with us about observing Advent when schedules are full, the spiritual power of art, and the joy of embracing our human limits.

By Janice McWilliams and Ann Boyd

Janice McWilliams talks with us about sustainable self-care, cultivating restorative practices for our mental health, and looking to Jesus as an example of a life well-lived.

By Sheila Wise Rowe and Ann Boyd

Sheila Wise Rowe talks with us about the importance of mental health, the unlikely pairing of lament and celebration, and the complexities of growing up gifted and Black.

By Kat Armas and Ann Boyd

Kat Armas chats with us about the navigating seminary, grieving over research, and discovering wisdom in unexpected places. 

By Helen Lee and Ann Boyd

Join us for this conversation with author Helen Lee as we talk about ways we can cultivate safe environments that support families and church communities leaning into discussions about race

By Christina Barland Edmondson and Ann Boyd

Join us for this conversation with author and educator Christina Edmondson as we discuss the work of fighting racism in academic contexts and the tools needed for this important task.

By Holly Oxhandler and Ann Boyd

Join us for this conversation with author and professor Holly Oxhandler as we discuss the image of God in each of us, its importance for our own flourishing, and the tools we can harness to learn more about it.

By Susan Maros and Ann Boyd

Join us for this conversation with author and professor Susan Maros as we discuss the process of discerning God's calling and the ways our unique contexts inform that journey.

By Catherine McNiel and Ann Boyd

Join us for this conversation with writer and theology student Catherine McNiel as we discuss the call to love our neighbor, what that call looks like in the world of academia, and the grace we need to get there.

By Suzanne Stabile and Ann Boyd

What spiritual practices can help develop your resilience in challenging situations? Join us for this conversation with Enneagram teacher Suzanne Stabile as we discuss our individual responses to stress, the benefits of self-understanding, and the opportunities for growth that can be found all around us.

By Tish Harrison Warren and Ann Boyd

Where is the Spirit of God active in your life? Join us for this conversation with Anglican priest and author Tish Harrison Warren as we discuss pandemic life, spiritual redemption, and God’s constant presence.

By Kendall Vanderslice and Ann Boyd

How can the simple act of eating together draw us more fully into relationship with God and community? Join us for this conversation with baker and writer Kendall Vanderslice as we discuss table fellowship, vocational discernment, and the joy of food.

By Ann Boyd

Pour a cup of cocoa and join us for the final episode in our four-part Advent meditation series on the podcast, this one focusing on the Incarnation.

By Ann Boyd

Embrace your inner coziness and join us for the third episode in our four-part Advent meditation series on the podcast, this one focusing on the joyful meeting of Mary and Elizabeth.

By Katharine Hayhoe and Ann Boyd

What is the one thing each of us can do to address global climate change? Join us for this conversation with climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe in which we discuss science and faith, her journey of discerning God's call on her life, and the simple step each of us can take to effect change in our world.

By Ann Boyd

Cozy up and join us for the second episode in our four-part Advent meditation series on the podcast, this one focusing on the story of the angel Gabriel’s announcement to Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus. 

By Felicia Wu Song and Ann Boyd

How do digital devices affect our journeys of spiritual formation — and what can we do about that? Join us for this conversation with writer and professor Felicia Wu Song as we discuss digital habits and the grace of establishing soul-shaping practices.

By Alice Fryling and Ann Boyd

What does it look like to experience spiritual transformation through aging? Join us for this conversation with writer and spiritual director Alice Fryling as we discuss how we can position ourselves for spiritual growth at every age.

By Terumi Echols and Ann Boyd

Join us for this conversation with Terumi Echols, newly-appointed president and publisher of InterVarsity Press, as we discuss her career path, her family life, and her vision for the future of IVP.

By Rob Dixon and Ann Boyd

How can women and men flourish in their working relationships? Join our conversation with Rob Dixon about his forthcoming book on mixed gender ministry partnerships.

By Jennie A. McLaurin, Cymbeline T. (Bem) Culiat and Ann Boyd

Can we learn to repair relationships by observing God's design for healing in our bodies? Join our conversation with Dr. Jennie McLaurin and Dr. Bem Culiat as we explore this topic and their new book.

By Carrie Bare and Ann Boyd

Listen in on our conversation with spiritual director Carrie Bare where we discuss how to celebrate winter holidays and stay spiritually centered in the midst of a remarkably complicated year.

By Carrie Bare and Ann Boyd

Listen in on our conversation with spiritual director Carrie Bare where we discuss the aftermath of the US presidential election and how we can lean into our best, most Jesus-like selves in response.

By Ann Boyd

Ann Boyd reflects on the calling we have to be peacemakers in the midst of our divisive culture.

By Ann Boyd

Sometimes a well-placed question can change the shape of your future — or at least, it can help you think carefully about your next few weeks. Ann Boyd offers a framework to help you live with intention.

By Ann Boyd

Ann Boyd reflects on the complicated relationship she has with Lent and what Jesus has taught her through it.

By Ann Boyd

Ann Boyd reflects on how raising daughters spurred her on to join in the Women’s March on Chicago.

By Ann Boyd

I started listening to Christmas music early this year. We usually adhere to a strict no-Christmas-music-before-Thanksgiving rule, but my need for comfort was so intense that I felt the call to stray from our usual practice the week before Thanksgiving...

By Ann Boyd

No matter what your political leanings, it’s a complicated time in the United States. There’s no debating the fact that roughly half (or more) of the country will be sorely disappointed when they awake on the morning of November 9...

By Ann Boyd

Waking up in the mornings has always been a terrible experience for me. Particularly in the winter, the process of wrenching myself out of bed before it is even light feels offensive, violent, and wrong...

By Ann Boyd

Our 1925 bungalow kitchen opens onto what was once a small porch and is now a small, poorly-insulated mudroom — a “three-season room.” In the summer, we can tolerate the heat waves that emanate from that space, but in the winter...

By Ann Boyd

When I was 26 years old, I began to grasp the profound significance of Easter. Despite being surrounded by liturgy in my Catholic childhood days, despite the growth of my gratitude for the cross...

By Ann Boyd

Ann Boyd considers what kind of help might come to those who ask.

By Ann Boyd

Ann Boyd reflects on the nature of task-orientation in this third of five reflections on the story of Mary and Martha.

By Ann Boyd

Ann Boyd ponders the place of work in worship in this second of five reflections on the story of Mary and Martha.

By Ann Boyd

Ann Boyd shares of her gratitude to Mary in this first of five reflections on the story of Mary and Martha.

By Ann Boyd

I am a little shy about raising the topic of women in the church. When pressed, I will gladly speak my mind and enter into the controversy. But so often it feels like discussing politics these days — more like getting into a fight than having a real discussion with an exchange of ideas . .

By Ann Boyd

No matter what stage of life you're in, there are always seasons of busyness. Whether you are working full-time, in grad school, parenting small children, or just on your way out the door to your next appointment...

By Ann Boyd

A delicious and easy autumn soup recipe for those who love to eat good food without spending hours cooking it.

By Ann Boyd

We don't really talk about this much at The Well, but we'll let you in on a secret: Marcia and I both love to bake and cook...

By Ann Boyd

Every year, I look forward to Advent and Christmas with intentions of enjoying sweet times with family and friends, peaceful moments...

By Ann Boyd

Keeping up with current events can be a challenge when living life at a breakneck pace. I recall recently reading...

By Ann Boyd

Years ago, I read Stephen Covey's influential book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, and it helped shape my life as a young...

By Ann Boyd

Ann Boyd leads us through this sixteenth-century spiritual discipline making us more sensitive to the work of God in our lives.